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With the advent of eReaders, self-publishing your work is becoming more and more popular, with even relatively unknown writers creating an income for themselves…and, more importantly, getting their work read. It’s even easy, thanks to the internet, to publish your work in hard-copy format by taking advantage of Print On Demand services like

However, self-publishing requires a few things to get it done properly and have a professional-looking output; proofreadingediting where necessary, formatting (especially for eReader formats), and decent cover design.

 Publish with us

The non-educational side of Blackboard Fiction is proud to offer a publishing package including all of the above, or just the sections you need:

  • Editing and Proofreading: an initial read of your work will suggest editing needs, discussed with you before any further action is agreed upon. A critique of your work will be offered, with estimated times for proofing and formatting given and cover designs mooted.
  • Formatting and Layout: preparing your book for publication as paperback or eBook and Kindle.
  • Cover Design: professional, exciting cover design, making your book stand out.
  • Advice for declaring Freelance earnings
  • Submission to and Kindle Direct Publishing, for publication to hardback, paperback (choose from a variety of sizes), EPUB and MOBI eReader formats, as well as help selecting further marketing packages on these platforms, your own ‘Spotlight’ page on and Author page on Amazon done for you, and linked to BLACKBOARD FICTION, with your books advertised on the website, in the email newsletter and in Blackboard Fiction Magazine (work in progress)

Blackboard Fiction is currently a growing self-publishing publisher, and as such we ask that ‘Blackboard Fiction’ is listed as your publisher, the logo is placed on your author page, and that you link back to the site wherever possible. Any possibility of royalty percentages will be discussed, but, for now, our greatest interest is in getting you published and recognised!

What are we looking for?

  • Educational Texts

We are interested in high-quality study texts for students that will aid them in developing skills and interests in yourt chosen subject. We are also interested in teacher-friendly teaching materials and schemes of work.

For example, Blackboard Fiction’s first book was the successful ‘Writing Essays: what you need to know’, a highly visual guide to the basics of grammar, punctuation and essay structure, developed with students over the course of a year. Take a look at it here. It’s now available in paperback, PDF download, and Kindle eBook.

If you’re interested in this type of text, contact us with ‘Educational text’ in the subject line.

  • Fiction

Although all genres of fiction are considered, Blackboard Fiction is particularly interested in Magic Realism and Speculative fiction, aimed at either children or adults. We are also interested in helping to develop picture books for children and Young Adult stories.

Contact us with ‘Fiction’ in the subject header and include a summary of your book idea and, if applicable, a .jpg of some of your artwork (if you are a picture book writer rather than an illustrator, we may also be able to help you).

  • Short Stories

Blackboard Fiction adores short stories. Short stories can be sold online or given away free by themselves as inexpensive eBooks, marketed to fill a coffee break, or sold in larger eBook or paperback/hardback format as collections of your work.

Short stories can, again, be any genre, but Blackboard Fiction particularly favours those in the Magic Realism and Speculative genres. Our second book, ‘Death and Stationery’, is a collection of speculative short stories – click here to see it in book and eBook format or here to see it in Kindle format.

  • Poetry

The Editor at Blackboard Fiction is a poetry expert and will analyse your work and give you a critical appreication.

If in fact you are terribly good, we will be delighted to help you self-publish, and if you are terribly good and like to perform your own work, we will put you in touch with people who can help you do this also.

When you have at least ten poems that you’d like to publish, contact us with ‘Poetry’ in the subject heading.

  • Memoir

If you’ve had a particularly interesting life, you might like to share it with us, your family, the world.

A wonderful family heirloom, the history of your family or even your own lifespan can be a marvellous token and keepsake. Or perhaps you’d like to unleash it on a world where the reality of everyday lives is making more and more of an impact on publishing sales? Contact us with ‘Memoir’ in the subject heading.

Take a look at our publications, or browse our download shop or our Amazon 




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